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Black woman holding a tissue to her face sneezing

Historic Flu Season Growing In Mississippi, But Prevention Possible

The Centers for Disease Control is warning of the worst flu season in over a decade, with more than 78,000 hospitalizations and 4,500 deaths across the nation this year alone. Mississippi’s health system, already struggling with the damage from years of COVID-19, is feeling the consequences of the surge as well.

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A masked person in a black and white stripped top to the right, a masked person in blue to the left putting a bandaid on the first persons arm

COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters, Flu Shots Available As October Starts

Booster doses are now available for many vaccinated Mississippians, providing an extra barrier against transmission of the virus for those vaccinated at the beginning of the year. But health-care professionals are also encouraging Mississippians to remember their flu shots as flu season approaches.

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Black and white photo from 1918 showing crowds of people in the street
MFP Voices

People Gave Up on Flu Pandemic Measures A Century Ago and Paid A Price

Today’s Americans have significant advantages over those of a century ago. We have a much better understanding of virology and epidemiology. We know that social distancing and masking work to help save lives. Most critically, we have multiple safe and effective vaccines that are being deployed, with the pace of vaccinations increasingly weekly.

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