Afton Thomas close up

‘She Walks the Walk’: Afton Thomas Running for Oxford Alderman on Her Record, Not Her Husband’s

Afton Thomas thinks that Oxford could re-allocate its local support better, saying that the community has more than enough resources to support its citizens.  “We have far too many resources in Oxford to have so many of our friends, neighbors and fellow community members struggling to make ends meet,” Thomas said. She plans to work to strengthen relationships between the City of Oxford and local organizations, so that nonprofits and municipal efforts can work hand-in-hand. 

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At the Capitol: Lawmakers Flirt with Purges of Registered Voters, Felony Convictions

As Mississippi’s 2021 legislative session unfolds, two currents are competing to respond to 2020’s tumultuous election. One seeks to expand voting access, dismantling barriers for voter registration, the casting of absentee ballots and the return of the franchise to previously incarcerated residents. The other current is far more punitive and is more popular with the state’s supermajority Republican Party that controls the Governor’s Mansion and both chambers at the Capitol.

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