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WTM Healthcare Press Conference

‘The Consequences of Human Suffering’: Mississippi Clergy Organizing for Medicaid Expansion

Members of the Mississippi clergy invoked the tradition of solidarity and acknowledged the still-unfinished work when they hosted a press conference in conjunction with Working Together Mississippi to unveil a letter expressing their discontent with the Mississippi Legislature’s seven-year inaction regarding Medicaid expansion. The letter also endorses the Mississippi Cares plan, a version of Medicaid reform initiated by the Mississippi Hospital Association that is intended to provide health-care coverage for working-class Mississippians who currently fall into the “gap” between traditional Medicaid coverage and private health-care plans. 

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MFP Voices

Is Facing and Ending Environmental Racism Too Radical For the Left and the Right?

Neither party has stood up for American descendants of slavery when it comes to racial disparities in environmental, social and economic policies. Co-founder Leo Carney writes that ADOS of MS are seeking reparative justice that is a pathway for statewide and federal reparations for American descendants of slavery in Mississippi and across America.

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