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Serve the Warrant: Black Mississippi Leaders Must Demand Justice for The Murder of Emmett Till 

Members of the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation found an unserved 1955 warrant in the Leflore County Courthouse on June 21, 2022, for the arrest of suspects in the kidnapping and murder of 14-year-old Emmett Till. Leflore County native Dr. Emmitt Y. Riley III calls for accountability from District Attorney DeWayne Richardson and other Black political leaders, demanding them to “open a new investigation and finally move toward justice for Emmett Till.”

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A hand seen coming from the top of the frame, performing a home covid test

The Great COVID-19 Undercounting: Likely More Transmission Than Reported

Mississippi and the rest of the United States may be in a great COVID-19 undercounting stage, with a surge in transmission that may be late to appear in the official case counts. The consequence may be a growing surge that appears to be persisting in spite of data comparing it to the least infectious days of the pandemic.

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