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Men wearing "Free Willie McGee" shirts, chained to the Lincoln Memorial
MFP Voices

‘Legal Lynching’ of Willie McGee in Mississippi’s Traveling Electric Chair

May 8, 2021, was the 70th anniversary of the electrocution of Willie McGee in Mississippi’s traveling electric chair, a grim milestone in the history of civil rights in Mississippi. All these years later, McGee’s family continues to mourn his life and confront the impact of the tragic and undoubtedly unjust circumstances surrounding his death. 

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Feeding Local: Mississippi CSAs, Farms Beacons of Light During COVID-19 Pandemic

“I wanted to be able to sell to somebody like me when I was younger. I live in the middle of a 1,000 acres of cattle, and I was having to go to Walmart myself and buy the crappy meat,” Jaclyn Rogers of Honestly Beef says. “I wanted to be able to sell to the local people, not just the restaurants or the people who had the money to buy a whole cow.”

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