a photo of Noel Wilkin speaking at the August 27 2021 fall faculty meeting

‘The Very Solutions That Plague Us’: IHL COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Ban Roils Faculty

This month, the University of Southern Mississippi Faculty Senate called for IHL to reverse its policy prohibiting COVID-19 vaccine mandates at the state’s universities and colleges, pointing to accreditation standards requiring that institutions “take reasonable steps to provide a healthy, safe, and secure environment for all members of the campus community.”

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a crowd of protestors with a man wearing an anti-vax sign on his back in the foreground
MFP Voices

Changing Your Mind About Vaccination Isn’t a Sign of Weakness

Generally, people are creatures of habit. You likely feel most comfortable doing what has worked for you in the past. The more you learn to pay attention to how much change there is in the environment, the more you can work to push yourself to explore new options and change your beliefs and behavior based on new evidence.

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