A view of a white garbage truck labeled Richard's Disposal, Inc, on the side in green
MFP Voices

Faith Leaders Letter On Jackson Garbage Contract

Working Together Jackson, a nonpartisan organization, urges the Jackson City Council to approve a garbage contract with Richard’s Disposal, Inc., before the emergency agreement ends this Friday, March 31, 2023. “The only vendor that is ready and willing to deliver service to Jackson residents is Richard’s Disposal,” the organization writes.

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Mayor Chokwe A. Lumumba in a mask, blue suit and no tie, addressing a wall of reporters

Crisis Averted: Jackson Mayor, Council Allow Waste Management Six Months of Trash Pickup

Waste Management Inc. will continue to pick up trash for six more months with the City going through another round of contract procurement during that period, ending a standoff between Mayor Chokwe A. Lumumba and the Jackson City Council, at least for now. Today, the city council decided to dismiss the case it had brought on Monday, Sept. 27, and provide a service continuity after the current Waste Management contract lapses at midnight tonight.

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Tamiko Smith sitting with dialysis bag

Under the Surface, Part 1: Jackson Residents Struggle from Neglected Water System

What does it mean to be without water? It is innumerable small humiliations: the splash of a toilet flushed with a bucket, days on end without a shower, no clean clothes. It is weeks without a cooked meal, a sink full of unclean dishes, brushing one’s teeth with water from a bottle, if a bottle can be found. For Tamiko and Otis Smith and many others, it is something far more dangerous. 

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