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Beyond Pro-Life and Pro-Choice: Emotional Intelligence Needed in Reproductive Rights Discussion

Hattiesburg, Miss., native Virginia Sciolino writes that when having discussions centering abortion and women’s reproductive rights, emotional intelligence and empathy is needed to break barriers and to challenge systemic disparities. We should “come into conversations with an emphasis on empathy, boundaries, mutual care and respect,” she writes.

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A photo of Lou Engle speaking at a stadium outdoors, men behind him with their arms lifted in prayer

‘The Seed of A Revolution’: The Christian Dominionist War On Abortion, Part III

Hundreds of young Mississippians and Alabamans knelt in a dark room, their foreheads to the floor and tears streaming down their faces as each mouthed inaudible prayers, a foreboding melody drowning out their voices. On the stage in front of them, violet lights illuminated the hair of musicians and ministers on the stage, save for a balding man with a thick mustache who squeezed his eyes and rocked back-and-forth as he spoke.

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