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Contributing Reporter

Stacey Cato

Stacey Cato

Stacey Cato is a reporter and award-winning photographer based on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. She primarily covers a wide variety of news, including crime, and is an investigative journalist, whose article collection includes many national news features and breaking news stories.

Stacey is fearless and not afraid of risky situations or controversy. She will go the extra mile in order to uncover the truth and to obtain information the public is entitled to by law and deserves. She is well-known for holding officials accountable and exposing corruption among city leaders, including law enforcement. She is most passionate about justice, injustice and equality for all. Her work can be found on multiple platforms both state and nationwide, as well as in the Mississippi Free Press here.

Email her story tips to [email protected] and follow her on Twitter at @MsSippiQueen.