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Mr. jOSEPH is a local poet and illustrator. More specific, he’s the state’s WORST poet and illustrator. He is inarticulate, unintelligent, unattractive and bald. He has enjoyed more than 22 years of marriage to the same foxy chick. He is a doting father to 2 very handsome, charming young men. (He’s still awaiting the DNA results.) He was born and raised in Jackson, Miss. He is a graduate of Callaway High School and proud Navy veteran. His hobbies include drawing, writing poems, stressing over debt and collecting the 65 cent royalty checks from his books. He is the author of “I LOVE BEING UGLY and other horribly written poetry.” You can purchase the book on Amazon. (He can’t imagine why you would, though.) Feel free to visit Mr. jOSEPH’s Instagram page @Mud.Ugly and DM him about his terrible artwork.

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