Violence Solution Circles

The Beyond Policing Solution Circles are virtual sessions open to all community members who come together to unpack gun violence, public safety and the pandemic-magnified inequities that lead to violence and death. Here we discuss solutions on how to prevent violence in the capital city and throughout the state. 

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Takeaway Solutions:

  • Black women felt unheard, unprotected and forced into silence during pandemic
  • Publish more vetted voting and civic education resources
  • communities need to utilize organizations already in place, then delegate a task to each organization 
  • A living wage for all citizens
  • Affordable, accessible and adequate healthcare including mental health services
  • expand Medicaid in Mississippi
  • Train more doulas and midwives to increase resources for mothers 
  • Community education around policy, women advocacy, healthcare options and various types of providers 
  • Mental health care/counseling for the families affected during the pandemic
  • Create a health care advocacy hotline for Black women
  • community control over their own healthcare clinics 
  • more transportation resources in underserved rural areas
  • Create more Black doctors/medical professionals
  • Solutions should be community-based, not cookie cutter
  • improve broadband access/phone connectivity in rural communities
“I’m just really frustrated by the lack of leadership I’ve seen throughout the pandemic,” Dr. Melvin said about the onset of the pandemic. ”It didn’t have to be this bad, but we’re here. What are we going to do as a community?”
Sandra Melvin with short hair and a white collared shirt
Sandra Melvin
CEO, Institute for the Advancement of Minority Health
“I’ve worked too hard and fought too long not to make sure that I see my vote go into that machine,” Dr. Anderson said about voting in Nov. 2020. “We were back and forth and back and forth (within) my age group. So, I didn't go vote absentee. I actually went and stood in line at my precinct.”
Dr. Corinne W. Anderson
Dr. Corinne W. Anderson
Co-Founder/Co-Coordinator Sisters Taking Action and Nurturing Decision Makers