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‘Canary in the Coal Mine’: Ted Henifin on the Jackson Water Crisis

Jackson water system's interim third-party manager Ted Henifin

Ted Henifin’s years of public utilities expertise made him the U.S. DOJ’s pick for leadership as Jackson’s new “interim third party manager,” a role with unique autonomy from both the City of Jackson and the State of Mississippi. He spoke to the Mississippi Free Press just ahead of a windfall of federal funds-and a dangerous winter storm.

Faulty Equipment May Have Caused Fire at Lumber Company in Shuqualak

Shuqualak Lumber Company Fire

SHUQUALAK, Miss.—Last night, at around 10:30 p.m, when Shuqualak Fire Department Chief Leon McClendon was turning over to sleep for the night, his radio went off, alerting him of a fire at the Shuqualak Lumber Company. He swiftly leapt out of bed, put on his firefighting uniform and called his assistant chief, Harry Jenkins.  Coincidentally, […]

Mississippi Humanities Awards Lift Up Democracy and Black History Across State

Experiencing the loss of a sibling for the first time after his sister—one of nine siblings—recently passed away following a heart attack, Roscoe Barnes III prayed to his Lord for some good news, anything to lift his spirits. On Nov. 17, 2022, he checked his email and came across a message from Dr. Stuart Rockoff […]