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Insurance Commissioner Floats New Regs In Response To UMMC-Blue Cross Battle

An older white man in a navy suit stands inside, out of focus Mississippi Flag and US Flag behind him

Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney is not sure whether Blue Cross Blue Shield or the University of Mississippi Medical Center will prevail in the ongoing reimbursement dispute that has thousands of Mississippians out of network at the state’s flagship public hospital. But with the 2023 legislative session on the horizon, he has a bill in mind to keep it from happening again.

Crucial Facts About The Espionage Act And How Trump May Have Violated It

Donald Trump on stage

“When you hear ‘espionage,’ you may think spies and international intrigue. One portion of the act does relate to spying for foreign governments, for which the maximum sentence is life imprisonment,” Attorneys Joseph Ferguson and Thomas A. Durkin writes. “But spy cases are rare. More typically, as in the Trump investigation, the Espionage Act applies to the unauthorized gathering, possessing or transmitting of certain sensitive government information.”