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Mississippi Reports First Monkeypox Case Amid Worldwide Virus Outbreak

The Mississippi State Department of Health confirmed the state’s first case of Monkeypox today following a worldwide viral outbreak that began in May. “Symptoms may start out as a fever, swollen lymph nodes, headache, and muscles aches, followed by a rash that starts out as flat and then advances to pimples, or blisters and ulcers on the face, body and private parts (sexual organs),” MSDH says.

Diversity Is An Overused Word, But a Vital First Step for Essential Journalism 

Close up of a line of people sitting and taking notes

MFP Co-founder and Publisher Kimberly Griffin reflects on takeaways from a national journalism conference in Chicago, highlighting the continual growth of diversity in media. “‘Diversity’ is an overused word, yet I can’t think of any better word to describe the rooms filled with more Black and Brown folks, more young people, and more people from the LGBTQ+ community,” she writes.