The Great COVID-19 Undercounting: Likely More Transmission Than Reported

A hand seen coming from the top of the frame, performing a home covid test

Mississippi and the rest of the United States may be in a great COVID-19 undercounting stage, with a surge in transmission that may be late to appear in the official case counts. The consequence may be a growing surge that appears to be persisting in spite of data comparing it to the least infectious days of the pandemic.

Safe Harbor Family Church: LGBTQ and Allies Since 1995

A rainbow flag is held aloft

In 1995, 12 LGBTQ individuals came together to cultivate a safe place to worship together, founding Safe Harbor Family Church in Clinton, Miss. Almost 30 years later, the church is still “committed to justice and advocacy for the hurt, the hungry and the excluded,” Shelli Poe writes.