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Black Equal Pay Advocates Ask Gov. Reeves to Veto Equal Pay Bill: ‘A Sham’

a photo of Cassandra Welchlin speaking at a press conference

On Thursday, the Mississippi Legislature sent the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act to Gov. Tate Reeves’ desk, potentially paving the way for the Magnolia State to end its distinction as the only state without such a law. But the Mississippi Black Women’s Roundtable, a leading group that has lobbied for legislation guaranteeing equal pay for women for years, was not celebrating.

The Kremlin’s ‘Hooligans’ and the War in Ukraine

Dr. Brian LaPierre, history professor at the University of Southern Mississippi, writes about the history of hooliganism in Russia. The term, he writes, has been weaponized to “demonize its domestic and international critics,” including Russian protesters against the war.

UMMC Dispute with Blue Cross Blue Shield Forces Insured Out of Network Today

A man in a white medical coat speaks outside in front of four microphones

A contract dispute over reimbursement rates between the University of Mississippi Medical Center and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi will likely result in the hospital going out of network tomorrow on April 1. This move would cause a serious spike in the cost of health-care services for customers of one of the state’s largest insurers at Mississippi’s largest public hospital system.