Not Another Child: Mother Turns Grief Into Solutions for Gun Violence, Grieving Families 

Woman in black long sleeve top that looks like smooth leather, a bold silver necklace, and silver hair that frames her face. She's sitting against a brown background

Oresa Napper-Williams is the founder of Not Another Child, a nonprofit organization that she founded after her son, Andrell Daron Napper, was killed by gun violence in Brooklyn, N.Y., in 2007. One mission of her work is to ensure that parents who lost children to violence are treated with respect and dignity, and get the resources they need. She both collaborates with NYPD on violence prevention and is frank about problems within policing, including respect for Black community members.

In Ongoing Saga, Jackson Mayor Declares Second Garbage-Disposal Emergency 

City of Jackson Mayor Chokwe talking at a podium outside of City Hall

For over 30 years, Waste Management, Inc., has been the garbage-disposal contractor for Jackson. After the council twice rejected FCC Environmental Services as the contractor last year, Waste Management began running a six-month garbage-disposal contract to last till March 31, 2022, six weeks away.