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Mississippi Begins 2022 Awash In COVID-19, Hospitalization Data Mixed

Doctor in yellow protective gear treating a patient

Omicron continues to wash over Mississippi unrestrained, driving increased case counts and hospitalizations. But data from the University of Mississippi Medical Center support early hopes that the disease may have a milder course of disease in aggregate, but not for every individual.

Going Upstream: MFP Has Big Growth, Reporting Plans for 2022

John L. Barrett Elementary School entrance, overgrown with weeds

I will start my first 2022 note to you with gratefulness. Readers helped us raise just over $163,000 in donations, 16 different matches, pledges and campaign bonuses. This is huge for what we can do for Mississippi in 2022, and we thank you. What a year. What a life. What a first 21 months of […]