Magnolia Speech School Leaving Jackson for New Madison Facility to Follow Students

Speech-language deficits are the most common childhood disability, affecting around one in 12 children. Without treatment, speech-language problems can lead to behavioral challenges, mental-health problems, difficulty reading and academic failure. The Magnolia Speech School is a nonprofit school established with a mission to help children with communication disorders develop their potential through spoken language and literacy. The program takes kids as young as 1 year old up to age 13. 

Bursting the White Bubble on Race and Relationships in 1960s Mississippi

In Susan Cushman’s novel, John and Mary Margaret forged a connection in the crucible of 1960s “Ole Miss,” just a few years removed from the bloody riot over the admission of James Meredith that killed two and wounded more than 300, but societal pressures kept them apart for decades. He was Black, and she was white.