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‘Indescribable’: Parents, Teachers, Doctors Facing The Delta Wave As Attacks Mount

Three masked grade school students in a library

Mississippi’s COVID-19 crisis is reaching levels beyond anything the state has previously seen, with an onslaught of new cases in virtually every setting. Schools find themselves closing as soon as they open as entire districts see their newly relaxed coronavirus strategies buckling under the weight of the delta variant. Hospitals are faring even worse; as of Monday morning, every single staffed intensive-care unit bed in the state is full.

East Biloxi is in Desperate Need of American Rescue Plan Act Funds

A ruptured water main on Main Street. The pipe is dug up and surrounded by muddy water.

It has been 16 years since Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Mississippi Gulf Coast region. The City of Biloxi is a coastal community that sits quietly along a small peninsula in the heart of the Gulf of Mexico. Category 5 winds destroyed residential communities and businesses throughout Harrison County. Unfortunately, the negative impact on the infrastructure is still felt today.