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Juneteenth and the Pain of Performative Activism

Now, with America refusing to act against voter suppression, and at least nationally/federally, against police brutality, many see the proclamation of a national holiday that recognizes Black liberation as performative. However, America can acknowledge the liberation of formerly enslaved persons, and still have work to do regarding repairing a damaged society.

‘An Agenda to Bring Light’: Mississippi Poor People’s Campaign Wants ‘Third Reconstruction’

The Poor People’s Campaign’s “Third Reconstruction” resolution highlights what it calls a congressional failure to elevate the poor through social programs, voting-rights expansion and the elimination of systemic racism. It details suggested solutions for each of these problems, including an increase in the long-stagnant federal minimum wage, provisions to expand insurance coverage, a large-scale reduction of student debt and prison reform.

From The Deep Sea, A Chance To Learn, Preserve on the Gulf Coast

The Gulf Coast Research Laboratory’s work

For the field researchers at the University of Southern Mississippi’s Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, the tournament is more than a cultural event: it is an unbeatable opportunity to get a glimpse into the deep, vast ecosystem of the Gulf of Mexico. For a quarter of a century, GCRL researchers have attended the Billfish Classic, intercepting the trophy leviathans while returning fishermen celebrate.