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Mississippi Expands Parole Eligibility for Thousands of Non-Habitual Offenders

Governor Tate Reeves stands inside Parchman prison with men standing around him

The Mississippi Earned Parole Eligibility Act, loosens Mississippi’s parole requirements, which are currently among the most restrictive in the nation. Large majorities of lawmakers in both of Mississippi’s Republican-dominated chambers approved the changes earlier this year. It will take effect on July 1.

Opinion | ‘To Hate Is to Lack’: Of Racism and Raw Sienna

open box of crayola crayons

My wife recreated the “Clark doll test” of the 1940s, with my daughter as her only participant. In the test, children,in this case my 6-year-old, are asked to answer several questions about a white doll and a Black doll. For context, the creators use their test in testimony during the historic Brown v. Board of Education battle over school integration. My baby said that the Black doll looked like her, and that the same Black doll was both bad and ugly.