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Oxford’s Hybrid Film Fest Keeps Virtual, Edges Back into Real Spaces

Girl in pink dress looking through pink curtains

A year later, the pandemic is still here, and the Oxford Film Festival is back stronger, this year rolling out as a hybrid affair that takes advantage of every screen opportunity available, physical and virtual. With the pre-warning and plenty of prep time, “we came into it with a game plan knowing all the areas we need,” Addington says. And they built a festival that kept every comfort level in mind. 

How Black Cartographers Put Racism on the Map of America

An early 20th-century NAACP map showing lynchings between 1909 and 1918.

The work of the Black Panther Party, a 1960s- and 1970s-era Black political group featured in a new movie and a documentary, helps illustrate how cartography—the practice of making and using maps—can illuminate injustice. Cartography is a less documented aspect of the Panthers’ activism, but the group used maps to reimagine the cities where African Americans lived and struggled.