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‘Deeply Bleak Situation’: People with Disabilities Face Dire Conditions Inside Mississippi’s Prisons, Monitor Reports

Disability Rights Mississippi—a private, nonprofit, federally mandated protection and advocacy  organization, just released a report, “Cruel and Unusual Punishment in Mississippi Prisons: A Tale of Abuse, Discrimination and Undue Death Sentences,” to describe realities for people with disabilities on the inside. Disability Rights Mississippi is accusing the Mississippi Department of Corrections of “subjecting offenders to cruel and unusual punishments” such as the denial of medical care and the refusal to make required accommodations for inmates with disabilities.

Amanda Gorman’s Poetry Shows Why Spoken Word Belongs in School

Spoken word poetry has enormous potential in K-12 education. Teachers can use this medium to honor students’ languages and cultures, encourage authentic writing and build community. Spoken word poetry also aligns to many of the writing, speaking and listening goals that are outlined in the Common Core State Standards, a set of learning goals for K-12 students.