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12,700 Mississippi Students, Teachers Quarantined; 1,248 COVID-19 Positive

Mississippi school officials have ordered at least 12,700 students, teachers or school staff members to quarantine because of confirmed or potential COVID-19 infections since the start of school, new figures from the Mississippi State Department of Health show. The numbers, announced today, only cover cases or quarantines reported as of Friday, Aug. 28, and include 1,248 educators and students with known novel coronavirus infections.

JSU Student Finds His Voice in the Fight Against Police Brutality

Three officers sat on Floyd, 46, one officer with his knee on his neck, for almost nine minutes while he was handcuffed and lying on his stomach, begging for breath and life. It was a horrific and traumatizing experience, one that left Michael Taylor, a senior theater major at Jackson State University, confused after he watched it. He couldn’t comprehend why the cops handled the situation in such a way, he said.