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MFP Contributor

Author: Christian Middleton


Boondoggle in Kemper County: Powerful Ignored Red Flags of ‘Clean Coal’ Flop

Mississippi Power executives and political backers and lobbyists pushed a huge moonshot of an idea back in 2006 to turn low-grade lignite into “clean coal” to provide electricity from its Kemper County plant in east Mississippi. They also used new legislation to force ratepayers to fund the experiment in advance—funds they later had to repay before imploding part of the facility on Oct. 9, 2021, 15 years after hatching the plan.

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Hand holding 4 one hundred dollar bills that are on fire in front of a background of marijuana leaves

Up In Smoke: Thousands of Seized Dollars Went Missing From Oxford-based Narcotics Unit

A Lafayette County drug unit has lost at least $34,000 that its agents seized during busts and arrests targeting local residents and University of Mississippi students, including for crimes involving marijuana. Government documents show that local officials have known since at least 2016 that the funds were missing—a fact that remained hidden from the public until now. Federal investigators suspect the funds may have been stolen. 

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A white doghouse with the Mississippi Critterz name painted on it sits outside the shelter

Grim Discoveries: How Workers at Oxford Animal Shelter Exposed Neglect, Abuse

Former employees of an Oxford animal shelter accused operators and co-workers of animal abuse and neglect, leading to an emergency meeting and its temporary closure last week.The shelter in question, Mississippi Critterz, is a nonprofit organization contracting with the city of Oxford and Lafayette County. On Monday, March 8, Oxford Alderman Janice Antonow, who is the city liaison with the shelter, announced that it will be temporarily closed.

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