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At the Madison/Rankin County Circuit Courthouse in Canton on March 28, 2022, two judges sentenced three people to a collective 216 years for drug offenses. Photo by Kayode Crown

‘For Us, It’s More Than A Job’: Mississippians Jailed Unjustly Motivates MFP Reporter

I came to the United States in 2019 after a 10-year-plus journalism career back in Nigeria. I worked at CVS and briefly flirted with pursuing nursing training because people say that is where the money is. 

My eventual full-time employment in 2020 with the Jackson Free Press as a city/county reporter on the back of my reportorial and feature-writing experience gave me a measure of rest as a newbie in the country. By 2022, I had joined the Mississippi Free Press as its fourth reporter.

I enjoy asking probing questions, delving into issues and recording the voices of those telling their own stories, especially those who aren’t approached very often.

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I cover the criminal justice and incarceration beat for the organization, and hardly anything riles me more than seeing people who might be in jail unjustly. Every colleague at the Mississippi Free Press, without exception, brings that kind of passion to our job. 

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